imATHLETE Features

Create your own custom, turnkey e-store and promote your brand with no risk

Wouldn't it be great if you could sell a line of merchandise to engage your customers even more and let them promote your brand? Wouldn't it even be better if you made money off of it with little to no risk? Well have I got a solution for you!

With imATHLETE you can have your own, custom e-commerce store full of product and up-and-running in minutes. Not only can you easily add your own merchandise to the store, but with a few clicks of a button you can add an assortment of our partner merchandise giving you a robust, timely presence.

Just promote the store to your customers and let the money roll in. imATHLETE handles all fulfillment for product that isn't owned by you - and we pay *you* up to 20% for it!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it does, because we can make custom branded product for you at absolutely, positively, no cost and no risk to you. We work with you to design it, then imATHLETE handles the rest: manufacturing, inventory, fulfillment... you name it. And the best part? We pay you 20% of all sales for you not doing a darn thing.

It's tough to beat that deal!