imATHLETE Features

Real time inventory management tools that help you sell your brand easier than before

imATHLETE's e-commerce solution is as robust as a linebacker and as flexible as a yogi. Not only can you integrate your sales right into the event registration process but you can even sell stuff outside of registration through a personalized e-store.

As if that's not enough, you can manage your inventory, limit per person purchase amounts, receive automatic notifications of sales and so much more!

Download merchandise purchases with the registration data - all at once

Yes, it's true - if you are selling merchandise during registration, you can download all of your registration data *and* all the merchandise purchases at once. No more headaches from trying to match up two excel spreadsheets into one. imATHLETE has got you covered.

But wait, there's more...

imATHLETE let's you generate passive income from merchandise sales - with no risk

imATHLETE offers so much more than just you selling your own merchandise. We give you the ability to quickly and easily generate passive income from e-commerce sales in two other ways:
1. Rev Share Merchandise: Choose from our list of partner products and sell them in your store. You automatically get up to 20% of all money generated, without having to lift a fing

2. Custom Merchandise: imATHLETE will make custom branded merchandise for you - at no cost to you. We handle manufacturing, inventory and fulfillment... and we pay you for every sale!
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