Our Team

The imATHLETE team is, in short, amazing. Of course, maybe I'm biased since I work here.
But the reality is that imATHLETE's support team, account managers, development team, sales folks and everybody else works together like a perfectly fit puzzle.

The imATHLETE team is proof positive that 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals a heckuva lot more than
3. I've worked with a lot of people in my career but I have never worked with such a smart, passionate, friendly, dedicated and cohesive unit of people as I do with the people at imATHLETE. They prove to me every day that the whole integrated unit is so much more
than simply the sum of the parts. Everyday I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with
the team here.

We are a fun and accomplished group that comes from different backgrounds and
experiences. The imATHLETE family is:
  • 3 Ironman triathlons completed
  • 9 marathons plodded through
  • hundreds of triathlons finished
  • thousands of road races participated in
  • a former flight attendant
  • 2 scuba divers
  • an All American swimmer
  • a Division 1 Steeplechaser
  • a Division 1 water polo player
  • a 4:19 miler who apologizes for being slow
  • a break dancer
  • a soccer player
  • a calligrapher
  • an actor / director
  • an event organizer
  • a beach volleyball player
  • a triathlon and running coach
  • and a big barrel full of smiles and laughter and friendliness and people who are passionate about what they're doing
It's no wonder this is a fun place to work!

Jeff Matlow

"imATHLETE is the product of some of the healthiest, most athletically-minded, creative, smart, passionate, hard-working, funny and dedicated people out there. Also, sometimes our credit card processor sends us free cookies."
- Emma M., Account Manager

"We practice what we preach. We built our technology as much for ourselves as for our clients and their participants. As athletes we compete hard, are driven to continuously improve and have fun. As a company, we compete hard, are driven to continuously improve and have fun. We run our business with the utmost integrity while instilling trust and confidence in others."
- Kevin D, Operations + Finance

"It's awesome to get to work with a product that makes busy, active peoples' lives easier. Plus, at imATHLETE you're constantly surrounded by a fun, happy group of coworkers - so that makes it even better!"
- Kelsey S., Account Support

"imATHLETE allows me to do challenging work on a positive, knowledgeable team."
- Diane P., Software Engineer

"Everyone at imATHLETE is extremely friendly and helpful. It also helps that everyone is pretty athletic. It makes me feel normal when I see other people in the office go on runs during their lunch breaks."
- Erin M., Account Support

"Being part of a company that promotes healthy lifestyle choices has a way of rubbing off..."
- Lincoln T., Quality Assurance | Account Management